Tuesday, 5 August 2014

#RPGaDAY: Day 6 - Favourite game that you never get to play

So, here it is; my first ever video edition of Out of My Mind, and I go and refer to the wrong blog in the video. Twenty-first century, I am in you!

I've talked a lot about WFRP, but Only War is the one that really fits for this topic, since I've never got to play it at all. It's a streamlined version of the 40K RPG system, which I hear good things about, and also has a nice subsystem whereby each payer controls their main character and also their loyal comrade in arms, who acts as a semi-disposable adjunct to the main PC.

Like WFRP, it's the setting of WH40K that hooks me, with its insanely Gothic aesthetic and black on very dark grey morality. I also prefer the older versions of this setting, which were generally grubbier and less organised, and I'm not wildly keen on new additions like the Tau and the C'Tan. My Dark Heresy campaign had Squats and Imperial Beastmen.

Head back tomorrow for Day 7, and remember to check out the hashtag for more game-related goodness.