Saturday, 23 August 2014

#RPGaDAY: Day 23 - Coolest looking RPG product/book

There are a number of interpretations of 'coolest', but I cover most of the bases in today's video entry... in a narrow strip in the centre of the picture.

It's a learning curve.

This is the other book I was talking about, and a sample image, which I take to be an homonculus bottle of some kind. I need to make more use of shit like this in games that I run.

I think that this is the same Secret of Art and Science/Nature that I have/had. It's a facsmilie reprint of an actual 17th Century digest of the 'entire' canon of natural philosophy, which is what makes it way cooler than the modern collection in the Medieval Miscellany. A local bookstore got hold of a big stack of copies almost at random and a bunch of us bought them. It's full of references to and extracts from people like Cornelius Agrippa, and has a chapter on 'the secrets of sciences, as natural magick...'

Oh. Yeah.