Sunday, 2 August 2015

#RPGaDay 2015: Day 2 - This is my quest...

Prompt: Kickstarted game you are most pleased you backed

This is a goblin bard, or possibly just a
goblin with what I will charitably call a
lute. I'm not sure there's a difference.
I don't usually schill, but I pushed the Kickstarter campaign for Goblin Quest. I can't imagine I pumped the total more than a few quid, since a lot of people I know are on first name terms with the writer, but it's the principle of the thing. Partly I backed it because I like Grant Howitt as a writer, but the concept appealed to me, and far more than the core game the idea of a flexible party game that could be adapted to oh, okay, I was totally in it for the idea of 'Sean Bean Quest', a rules hack about many incarnations of Sean Bean trying to escape the Bean curse which inevitably kills them before the credits.


But enough of Goblin Quest, for now at least; let's talk Kickstarters. What do we - or, let's be honest, what do I - want from a Kickstarter?

Well, first up, I want a book. I am very unlikely to back based on a PDF, or even a tonne of PDFs of older material. If I back a game, I want to know I'm going to get something physical, with pages I can turn instead of scrolling. This means that I tend not to back projects that don't have a mid-tier option for the book and more or less just the book, although I may see if someone I know is backing and ask them to add in an extra copy of the book

I'm also more interested in extra game material as stretch goals than extra goodies, and I want a sign that the makers are reasonably aware of their risks and liabilities. I knew that GC risked non release given the number of stretch goals, but was enthused by Grant's openness about having absolutely no idea how he was going to cope with some of the promises, especially Sean Bean Quest.

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